Welcome to Signature Stickers
Signature Stickers have an exclusive range of Personalised Merit Stickers designed for teachers, school staff and anyone working with children.
The stickers are custom made with your name, in order to give that personal touch when rewarding your students. These unique stickers will provide positive reinforcement and put a smile on the face of every student in your class, inspiring them to strive for their best.
Our educational stickers come in many varieties, covering a wide range of comments and subject areas. We can also custom make stickers for you or your school, catering to your exact requirements.
This educational resource is a real Timesaver for Teachers. Instead of spending hours marking,   
 Just tick and stick!
To place an order for more than one person  please follow
these instructions.

1. Select all the stickers you want for all teachers and add them to your shopping cart.

2. Proceed to checkout and when asked for the "Name on the Stickers Sets", type the words multiple names.

3. Complete your payment.

4. Then send an email to sales@signaturestickers.com.au with the instructions for your order: eg Mrs Smith: General 1, Mr Jones: Maths 4